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Saudi Aramco’s Data Breached , 1 TB of Data Is For Sale.

Saudi Aramco, one of the largest producer of petroleum has suffered with data breach . The companies confidential data amounting to 1TB are posted for sale in the darknet at an initial price of $5million.

When a Third party site(Bleeping Computer) reached out to Aramco, they had confirmed this incident on the third party contractors and there are no impact on its operation.

Saudi Aramco goes public: What happens now? | Business| Economy and finance  news from a German perspective | DW | 04.11.2019

The threat actor group named “ZeroX” had confirmed that they had hacked into the Aramco network sometime … Read more

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South Korean Nuclear Agency Hacked via VPN Flaw.

South Korean Nuclear Agency “KAERI” has announced their servers were breached by North Korea linked APT group named “Kimsuky” on last friday(18th of June,2021).

Initial investigation on this incident revealed that one among the 13 ip addresses is linked to Kimsuky APT group.

“The incident could pose serious security risks if any core information was leaked to North Korea, as KAERI is the country’s largest think tank studying nuclear technology including reactors and fuel rods,” Ha said in a … Read more

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Canada post’s suppliers under malware attack. Sensitive data’s impacted.

Canada post, a well-known primary post office operator’s suppliers under malware attack. Sensitive data’s 950 thousand customers are impacted.

Canada post has informed its 44 business customer about the data breach caused by the malware on one of its supplier named “Commport Communications” who are responsible to manage the shipping manifest data of business customers via electronic data interchange solution.

Shipping manifests typically includes the sender and receiver information’s which usually available on shipping label such as names, addresses … Read more

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Bose Corporation discloses breach after ransomware attack.

A well-known audio maker Bose, has reported the data breach after the ransomware attack during march this year.

Bose Corporation- a well-known audio system maker has disclosed the breach following to the successful ransomware attack. In the notification which was filed with New Hampshire’s office of the Attorney General, Bose stated “experienced a sophisticated cyber-incident that resulted in the deployment of malware/ransomware across” its “environment.”

The company added “Bose first detected the malware/ransomware on Bose’s U.S. systems on March Read more