The German Government Warns Against Using Kaspersky Antivirus Software From Russia.

Kaspersky Lab, a Russian cybersecurity business, responded on Tuesday to a warning from Germany’s Federal Office of Information Security (BSI) against using the company’s security products in the country due to doubts about the manufacturer’s reliability.

The company said it will continue to assure our partners and customers of the quality and integrity of our products and we will be working with the BSI for clarification on its decision and for the means to address its and other regulators issue.

The statement from Kaspersky comes after a warning from Germany’s cybersecurity authority  or BSI, which informed  that “replacing applications from Kaspersky’s portfolio of antivirus software with alternative products” due to the risk of them being used by Russia in a cyber attack.

“Companies and authorities with special security interests, as well as operators of critical infrastructures, are particularly vulnerable, which added that the company’s tools could be used for attacks against its own customers or compelled to strike systems against its will as a result of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

Although not an official ban, the announcement follows similar limits imposed by the US, the UK  and the Netherlands in 2017 and 2018 to phase out the use of Kaspersky Labs antivirus software.

However, the Moscow-based firm stated that in 2018, it relocated its cyberthreat-related data processing infrastructure to Zurich, Switzerland  and that its data services and engineering practises have been subjected to independent third-party examinations.

Finally the researchers concluded that ,” In an attempt to remove the organisation from being labelled as siding with Russia, Eugene Kaspersky CEO of the namesake company , struck a neutral tone expressing hope that talks between Ukraine and Russia would lead to a settlement.”

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