Kaspersky researchers discovered the TA406 cyber espionage group in 2013. Since 2018, Proofpoint researchers have identified three distinct threat actors associated with TA406, namely TA406, TA408 and TA427.

The US-CERT published a report on Kimusky’s recent activities such as information on their TTPs and infrastructure, at the end of October 2020.

Since the beginning of 2021, the TA406 group has conducted a number of credential theft campaigns aimed at research, education, government, the media, and other organisations. Researchers tracked two campaigns that attempted to distribute information-stealer malware  despite the fact that TA406 does not typically use malware in its campaigns.

The APT group primarily targeted South Korean think tanks and organisations, with victims also located in the United States, Europe, and Russia.

KON is one of the malware strains associated with the activity of these nation-state actors.

From January to June 2021, the cyberespionage group  targeted foreign policy experts, journalists, and nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), with a focus on entities involved in Pyongyang-related activities. The group orchestrated a malware campaign targeting North American entities in March.

Another campaign, launched in March 2021, targeted several entities that had not previously been identified as TA406 targets. Some of the highest-ranking elected officials from various governmental institutions were targeted, as well as an employee of a consulting firm, government institutions related to defence, law enforcement, and economy and finance  and generic mailboxes.

Finally Proofpoint experts concluded that this threat actor to continue conducting corporate credential theft  operations on a regular basis targeting entities of interest to the North Korean government.


Indicators of Compromise (IoCs)

acount-pro[.]club Domain
acount-pro[.]live Domain
anlysis-info[.]xyz Domain
asia-studies[.]net Domain
bignaver[.]com Domain
carnegieinsider[.]com Domain
change-pw[.]com Domain
clonesec[.]us Domain
cloudnaver[.]com Domain
cloudocument[.]com Domain
cloudsecurityservice[.]net Domain
dailycloudservice[.]com Domain
daumhelp[.]net Domain
daum-protect[.]com Domain
deioncube[.]biz Domain
delivernaver[.]com Domain
delivers-security[.]com Domain
delivers-security[.]net Domain
diplomatictraining[.]com Domain
document-package[.]online Domain
documentpackages[.]link Domain
documentpackages[.]online Domain
documentpackage[.]space Domain
documentpackages[.]space Domain
documentpackages[.]store Domain
documentserver[.]site Domain
down-error[.]com Domain
download-apks[.]com Domain
downloader-hanmail[.]net Domain
download-live[.]com Domain
emailnaver[.]com Domain
globalcloudservices[.]org Domain
gooapi[.]online Domain
google-acount[.]com Domain
goolg-e[.]com Domain
goolge[.]space Domain
govermentweb[.]site Domain
help-master[.]online Domain
helpnaver[.]host Domain
helpnaver[.]link Domain
IoC IoC Type
helpnaver[.]online Domain
help-naver[.]site Domain
helpnaver[.]site Domain
help-secure[.]info Domain
hpronto-login[.]com Domain
itamaraty[.]net Domain
knowledgeofworld[.]org Domain
lnfo-master[.]com Domain
login-protect[.]club Domain
login-protect[.]online Domain
mail-master[.]online Domain
mail[.]summitz[.]com Domain
microsoft-pro[.]host Domain
microsoft-pro[.]live Domain
microsoft-pro[.]site Domain
microsoft-pro[.]space Domain
midsecurity[.]org Domain
mid-service[.]com Domain
mid-service[.]org Domain
myethrvvallet[.]com Domain
mysoftazure[.]com Domain
naverhelp[.]com Domain
naversecurity[.]us Domain
nicnaver[.]com Domain
nidnaver[.]host Domain
nidnaver[.]press Domain
nidnaver[.]site Domain

nidnaver[.]store Domain
noreply-cc[.]online Domain
noreply-goolge[.]com Domain
noreply-sec[.]online Domain
noreply-yahoo[.]com Domain
oaass-torrent[.]com Domain
proattachfile[.]com Domain
pronto-login[.]info Domain
pw-change[.]com Domain
resetpolicy[.]com Domain
resetprofile[.]com Domain
rfa[.]news Domain
rnaii[.]com Domain

rnail-inbox[.]com Domain
rnailm[.]com Domain
rnail-suport[.]site Domain
rneail[.]com Domain
secureaction[.]ru Domain
securelevel[.]site Domain
security-acount[.]info Domain
securitycounci1report[.]org Domain
security-delivers[.]com Domain
securityforcastreport[.]com Domain
security-lnfo[.]com Domain
security-nid[.]space Domain
security-pro[.]me Domain
security-pro[.]online Domain
securitysettings[.]info Domain
seoulhobi[.]biz Domain
servicenaver[.]com Domain
servicenidnaver[.]com Domain
sinoforecast[.]com Domain
softfilemanage[.]com Domain
ssidnaver[.]com Domain
stategov[.]biz Domain
support-info[.]network Domain
unosa[.]org Domain
voakorea[.]news Domain
voakoreas[.]com Domain
voipgoogle[.]com Domain
vpsino[.]org Domain
webofknowledg[.]com Domain
xfindphoneloc[.]com Domain
xn--mcrosoft-online-hic[.]com Domain
0member-services[.]hol[.]es Domain
attachdown[.]000webhostapp[.]com Domain
attachdownload[.]000webhostapp[.]com Domain

attachdownload[.]99on[.]com Domain
dnsservice[.]esy[.]es Domain
emailru[.]99on[.]com Domain
firefox-plug[.]c1[.]biz Domain
koryogroup[.]1apps[.]com Domain
lookyes[.]c1[.]biz Domain
north-korea[.]medianewsonline[.]com Domain
online-manual[.]c1[.]biz Domain
romanovawillkillyou[.]c1[.]biz Domain
securitydownload[.]99on[.]com Domain

silverlog[.]hol[.]es Domain
softlay-ware[.]c1[.]biz Domain
takemetoyouheart[.]c1[.]biz Domain
taketodjnfnei898[.]c1[.]biz Domain
taketodjnfnei898[.]ueuo[.]com Domain
upsrv[.]16mb[.]com Domain
vscode-plug[.]c1[.]biz Domain
win10-ms[.]c1[.]biz Domain
1006ieudneu[.]atwebpages[.]com Domain
1995ieudneu[.]atwebpages[.]com Domain
fd-com[.]fr Compromised
influencer[.]jvproduccionessv[.]com Compromised
mail[.]apm[.]co[.]kr Compromised
oaass[.]co[.]kr Compromised
rabadaun[.]com Compromised
simple[.]kswebdesign[.]eu Compromised
www[.]acl-medias[.]fr Compromised
u13448720[.]ct[.]sendgrid[.]net SendGrid
u19402039[.]ct[.]sendgrid[.]net SendGrid

u7747409[.]ct[.]sendgrid[.]net SendGrid
u8253848[.]ct[.]sendgrid[.]net SendGrid
u9810308[.]ct[.]sendgrid[.]net SendGrid
222.118.183[.]131 (March 2021) Email Sending
192.109.119[.]6 (April 2021) Email Sending
108.177.235[.]226 (May 2021) Email Sending
108.62.12[.]11 (May 2021) Email Sending
212.114.52[.]227 (July 2021) Email Sending

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