According to reports, Taiwanese electronics company  Acer recently experienced a data breach in India as a result of a cyber attack on its local after-sales support system. The hackers were able to stolen data includes customer , corporate and financial information belonging to Acer retailers and distributors from India.  

The attack has been reported to the local law enforcement authorities and Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) . Additionally Acer stated , “Upon detection, we immediately initiated our security protocols and conducted a full scan of our systems. We are notifying all potentially affected customers in India.”

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Acer said in a statement about the latest incident, “We recently discovered an isolated attack on our local after-sales service system in India as part of our security threat evaluations and system checks in early October 2021. While no Indian customers  bank information was stolen, we are currently identifying those who may have been affected.”

Taiwanese Firm reported that “Our operations and business continuity are unaffected by this occurrence. With the cooperation of cyber security professionals and authorities, Acer is also investing additional resources to further fortify India’s security infrastructure.”

A threat actor named as DESORDEN claimed the responsibility for the attack stolen approximately 60GB of files and databases from Acer’s Servers. The group releasing the video showing the stolen files and databases includes 10,000 customers records as well as stolen information for 3000 Acer ddistributors and retailers in India.

This is Acer’s second cyberattack in the last seven months. In March, REvil started a ransomware attack on the company’s systems. Acer was demanded to pay a $50 million ransom for a code in order to recover the stolen data at the time. Before REvil asked Kaseya to pay $70 million in a future attack, this was the largest ransom claimed by hackers at the time.

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