Google  Issues Warning on Attack Attempts By APT28 on 14,000 Gmail Accounts.

Shane Huntley, the head of Google’s Threat Analysis Group which reacts to  Government-Backed Attack warnings that Google delivers to targeted consumers each month due to a limited number of targeted attacks that were prevented.

Google has issued a warning to around 14,000 of its users around multiple businesses  about being targeted in a state-sponsored phishing attack by APT28, a threat organisation linked to Russia.

Google reads the blog post that there is an increase in cyberattacks targeting high-profile persons and organisations, requiring them to take extra precautions and form a team committed to recognising and preventing the world’s most skilled cyber criminals.

The company Explained that , “We’re thrilled to be collaborating with these industry leaders to protect high-risk user groups and learn more about the requirements of vulnerable consumers and organisations. These agreements enable us to strengthen the world’s most advanced security, make it more inclusive, and make it easier to use – allowing everyone to stay safer with Google .”

APT28 has been acting on behalf of Russia’s General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) 85th Main Special Service Center (GTsSS) military unit 26165 since at least 2004.

The APT28 group is also known as Fancy Bear, Pawn Storm, Sofacy Group, Sednit, and Strontium has been active since at least 2007, targeting governments, armies, and security agencies all around the world. The organisation was also involved in a series of attacks on the 2016 Presidential election.

The gang is usually involved in data theft and espionage. Members of the Bundestag, Germany’s federal parliament, and the Norwegian Parliament are among its most recent targets.

Google’s objective  is to notify individuals that they are being targeted so that they may strengthen their defences. The company recommends that you sign up for the Advanced Protection Program for both work and personal email.

Google advises participating in the Advanced Protection Program for both business and personal email. This programme protects users who have high visibility and sensitive information and are vulnerable to targeted internet attacks. To fight against today’s many dangers, the company automatically improves its service.

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