Government Agencies Warns Of Ransomware Attack During Labor Day.

The FBI and CISA persuaded  companies and organisations to stay alert for ransomware attacks  before Labor Day weekend and holidays when offices are normally closed in the US,as recently as 4th of july in 2021.Earier this year.Cyber gang targeted software company Kaseya at the start of the july 4 holiday weekend,leading to the single largest ransomware attacks to date.

Since organizations are generally less staff on vacation weekends, it says that they are “impacted” by the speed with which they can respond to attacks during those times. This is mainly due to a lack of key people, Chris Clements, Vice President of the architecture of solutions at the Cerberus Sentinel Security Company observed that targeted organizations are less likely to quickly detect and contain attacks once started.

The Colonail Pipeline paid the Darkside Group a $4,4 million loans which extends from Texas to the Northeast,Supplies 45%of all the fuel consumed on the East Coast.The FBI recovered $2.3 Million from Darkside,a Russian hacking group used malicious Software to take it away.This incident was done before Mother’s Day Weekend.

After this incident, the TSA demands pipeline owner and operators as a head of security  to coordinate with both TSA and CISA on a Weekend or on a holiday in the event of a cyber incident, following the incident with the Colonial Pipeline.  There are no such requirements  for a variety of critical infrastructure sectors including dams, public health and agriculture.

Revil Ransomware group targeted the worldwide major meat distributor  JBS Foods.Obligating  the closure of some operations both in the US and Australia to disrupted the global food supply chain.This incident was done over the Memorial Day Weekend Later in May.

The following Ransomware Gangs were most frequently reported to the FBI in the previous month according to Tuesday’s joint advisory:

  • Conti
  • PYSA
  • LockBit
  • RansomEXX/Defray777
  • Zeppelin
  • Crysis/Dharma/Phobos

Companies are recommended to use basic cyber hygiene to protect their networks, including creation of of a backup of offline data, avoiding suspicious links and software updating.

Cybercriminals have a long history of launching cyberattacks over long weekends, holidays and events like the Super Bowl,” said Tom Kellermann, head of Cybersecurity Strategy at VMware. “They are well aware of skeleton crews that are tasked to defend during these periods and how response times will be extended. Organizations must prepare in advance by implementing proactive threat hunting, as recommended by CISA.

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