Vice Society Ransomware Hits Out Swiss Town, Data Is Available For Sale In DarkWeb

Rolle has disclosed the databreach after ransomware attack. Hackers had posted the Gigabytes of data belonging to 6,200 residents in the darknet. Surprisingly the municipal government of Rolle has downplayed the attack stating the attack amounts to less impact and the data’s recovered from the backup’s.

“The illegal publication of the files dates back to the account of a relatively young Internet extortion group called the Vice Society. According to previous research, this is an attempted ransomware attack.” states the blogpost.

However the town’s administrative chief Monique Choulat Pugnale have told to the third party site Swiss daily 2heures it has a “weak attack” that has impacted email servers which “did not contain any sensitive municipal data”.

As per the investigation by Le Temps daily the attack has a much higher impact and they had found thousands of documents which are personal and extraordinary in nature.

On the late Wednesday, the municipality has filed a case and mentioned that “underestimated the severity of the attack (and) the potential uses of the data.” The data includes names, addresses, date of birth, social security numbers and residency permit information for non-Swiss nationals and religious affiliations were present.

Vice Society ransomware which is active atleast from June seemed to be the malware which targeting both windows and linux operating system and focuses mostly on the public school districts and other education institution on double extortion model therein publishes the stolen data in the darkweb.

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