Cloudfare reported that the threat actor used a botnet of  more than 20,000 infected devices to hack HTTP requests at the customer;s network in order to use and crash server resources. A volumetric attack is a type of DDoS that uses a volume of requests that is higher than the appliance can process.

With the help of these volumetric DDoS ,the hackers send many junk HTTP requests to the server inorder to take previous server and prevent illegal attacks from the targeted sites.This attack peaked at 17.2 million HTTP rps almost three times larger than the previous one.

At 17.2 million rps, it includes that the attack encountered the 15% of  attacker’s traffic came from Indonesia, other 17% came from the parts of India and Brazil  68% of the legitimate HTTP traffic the company processed during Q2 2021, estimated at 25 million rps.

Bandwidth DDos is different from Volumetric DDos,amazon web services recorded that the biggest bandwidth DDos attack was held in Feb 2020 as 2.3 (Tbps).There have a modified version as Mirai IoT malware and tracking the botnet’s evolution.

However, after this initial attack, the botnet operator did not stop. Over the following weeks, Cloudflare reported that the same botnet also performed two major assaults on the web hosting providers, with one peaking at 8 million rps.

BitMex Tweeted that we are currently under DDos and are working to mitigate,Requests reached > 7 million /minute at our edge and declining.

Cloudflare stated the threat actor kept its botnet targeting its customers for hours while the attack peaked at 17.2 million rps, and it had to accept more than 330 million garbage HTTP requests during the period.

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