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Hacker Exploiting Authentication Bypass Bug On Millions Of Routers.

Researchers from Juniper threat labs have identified that the threat actors are exploiting a new authentication bypass bug on Arcadyan firmware and deploy Mirai botnet payloads.

The vulnerability which was identified by Tenable was released to public on August 3, 2021 with the CVE-2021-20090 is affecting millions of home routers varying from multiple routers vendors which are using the same code base of Arcadyan firmware.

Source : Juniper threat labs

CVE-2021-20090 is a path traversal vulnerability that leads to an authentication bypass. When exploited, the attacker can take over control of the affected device.The attacker seems to be attempting to deploy a Mirai variant on the affected routers using scripts similar in name to the ones mentioned by Palo Alto Networks in March. ” reads the report published by Juniper threat labs.

Tenable researchers has posted a short demonstration of POC for this vulnerability on WSR-2533DHPL2.

Source: tenable

Below are the list of router/ vendors which are vulnerable for this attack.

Source: Tenable

As of August 5, we have identified some attack patterns that attempt to exploit this vulnerability in the wild coming from an IP address located in Wuhan, Hubei province, China. The attacker seems to be attempting to deploy a Mirai variant on the affected routers using scripts similar in name to the ones mentioned by Palo Alto Networks in March. “

We had witnessed the same activity starting February 18. The similarity could indicate that the same threat actor is behind this new attack and attempting to upgrade their infiltration arsenal with yet another freshly disclosed vulnerability.” reads the blog post from Juniper threat lab.

Researchers also observed that other vulnerabilities are also exploited in the wild on routers:

  1. CVE-2020-29557 (DLink routers)
  2. CVE-2021-1497 and CVE-2021-1498 (Cisco HyperFlex)
  3. CVE-2021-31755  (Tenda AC11)
  4. CVE-2021-22502 (MicroFocus OBR)
  5. CVE-2021-22506 (MicroFocus AM)
  6. a couple more exploits from exploit-db with no related CVEs.

Indicators of Compromise:

Attack source IP: 27.22.80[.]19 

Shell script and binaries downloaded from: 212.192.241[.]72 

Shell script:

Dark binaries:

73edf8bfbbeaccdd84204f24402dcf488c3533be2682724e5906396b9237411d   dark.arm5 
8bb454cd942ce6680f083edf88ffa31661a47a45eb3681e1b36dd05043315399   dark.mips 
f83eadaa00e81ad51e3ab479b900b981346895b99d045a6b6f77491c3132b58c dark.m68k 
e4bc34e321b31926fd2fa1696136187b13864dfa03fba6848e59f9f72bfa9529   dark.sh4 
80331cf89f3e6026b33b8f1bfa1c304295b9327311661d7927f78824f04cf528   dark.arm6 
904f9b2e029595365f4f4426069b274810510908c7dd23a3791a831f51e9f1fc   dark.mpsl 
283f932f30756408a59dac97a6965eb792915242214d590eab1c6cb049148582   dark.x86 
c2f5bbf35afc7335f789e420c23c43a069ecfcca1a8f9fac5cd554a7a769440e   dark.arm7 
70764ef9800c1d09f965fbb9698d0eda52448b23772d118f2f2c4ba37b59fc20   dark.ppc 

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