Flash News!! Clop Ransomware is Back Despite of Arrest of its Gang.

Clop ransomware gang who are famous for doxing the victims and releasing their private information in data leak site is back again after their recent arrest.

“The hacker group was exposed by officers of the Cyberpolice Department together with the Main Investigation Department of the National Police. The perpetrators were exposed as part of an international operation to promote and coordinate Interpol (IGCI) and in collaboration with law enforcement officials from the Republic of Korea,Ukraine and the United States.” reads the press statement.

Watch out the arrest of criminals by Korean and Ukraine law enforcement officials:

A video which was shared by the law enforcement official shows searching of house , seizing of evidences and properties like Computer equipments, Tesla , Mercedes car along with the cash of 500 million Ukranian hryvnias($180,000 approx).

It is evident that despite of arrest of the clop ransomware gang, there were two new victims data on their ransomware data leak site. Which proves the arrested gang can be from the money laundering portion on the operation .

The law enforcement raids in Ukraine associated with CLOP ransomware were limited to the cash-out/money laundering side of CLOP’s business only,”

“We do not believe that any core actors behind CLOP were apprehended and we believe they are probably living in Russia” said by Intel 471, a CyberSecurity firm.

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