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Warning, This IPhone Bug can Permanently Disable the WiFi Feature in your Phone.

Security researcher named “Carl Schou” has discovered a new Iphone bug which disables the Iphone’s Wifi feature permanently when connected to the carefully named Wifi SSID.

Carl has mentioned that when he tried to connect to his personal hotspot named “%p%s%s%s%s%n” his Wifi feature in his Iphone ran into the issue and every time he tried to connect, it would disable itself despite of restarting the phone multiple times.

“After joining my personal WiFi with the SSID ‘%p%s%s%s%s%n’, my iPhone permanently disabled it’s WiFi functionality. Neither rebooting nor changing SSID fixes it :~),” mentioned on his tweet.

Carl has told the third party site(BleepingComputer) that his experiment worked on Iphone XS, running iOS version 14.4.2.

Other security researchers who saw Carl’s tweet and analyzed it, stated that input parsing issue could be the issue behind this bug. Researcher also told that “%s” in the SSID seems to be considered as a string-format specifier which confirms it to be a String formatting vulnerability.

This issue can be temporarily fixed only by resetting the device, same can be achieved by following the below steps:(Source: Bleeping computers)

iphone reset wifi
  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone, select General.
  2. Under General select Reset.
  3. You will now be at the Reset screen, where you can reset various features of iOS or the device itself. 
  4. The device will now restart and reset all of your network settings back to factory default. Once it has restarted, enter your passcode, and you can reconfigure your Wi-Fi settings again.

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