South Korean Nuclear Agency “KAERI” has announced their servers were breached by North Korea linked APT group named “Kimsuky” on last friday(18th of June,2021).

Initial investigation on this incident revealed that one among the 13 ip addresses is linked to Kimsuky APT group.

“The incident could pose serious security risks if any core information was leaked to North Korea, as KAERI is the country’s largest think tank studying nuclear technology including reactors and fuel rods,” Ha said in a statement to Reuters.

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KAERI is situated and established in South Korea from 1959 with the primary sole purpose for research on nuclear power. KAERI has released the press statement detailing about the incident and the actions taken.

A spokesperson from KAERI has revealed that the threat actor has exploited a vulnerability in their virtual private network for gaining access to its internal network. However, neither spokesperson nor the notification has provided the exact information about the VPN name and the vulnerability which was exploited to intrude inside the network.

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