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Paradise Ransomware Source Code leaked in XSS Hacking Forum

Tom Malka, Sr Threat Intelligence analyst from SecurityJoes (Cyber Security firm) has reported the source code for Paradise ransomware is leaked in XSS hacking forum

Paradise ransowmare was first spotted in September 2017 which was rented for cybergangs via Ransomware-as-a-service. A specialized app named “builder” would be provided to cyber threat actor which can be used to build the custom versions for the ransomware to spread to victims via different methods.

Source: Andrey Ivanov

The Paradise code that was leaked over the weekend is the source code for the .NET version of the Paradise ransomware, and more precisely for its builder and decryption utility”, Tom Malka and Blaze told to  The Record today.

While the source code is readily available in internet, this may lead to an opportunity for cyber threat actors to use it or bring out the variants which can increase the ransomware based attacks at various organizations and public.

“Seeking small ransom payments, the Paradise RaaS was considered an entry point into the ransomware scene for criminal gangs, which would begin their career targeting end consumers and small businesses, and then move to the more professional RaaS offerings that targeted large corporations.” Stated in The Record

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