Microsoft teams 1:1 voice calls are getting End-to-End encryption for better security from July.

Microsoft’s Teams, one of the rigid and proprietary business communication software by Microsoft will be getting its End-to-End encryptions for 1:1 voice calls from July.

While Microsoft Teams already encrypts the data at rest and in-transmit ,it has added another security feature to its Team’s arsenal, which helps to keep all the voice calls discussion remain entirely private.

How to leverage Microsoft Teams without introducing a compliance blind-spot  | Cloud Essentials

This feature can be enabled by IT administrators for specific users or for the entire organization. Then the users can enable the same by enabling “End-to-End Encrypted calls” settings under Settings > Privacy.

Microsoft is expecting to initiate rolling out this feature by early July and complete the rollout by mid of the same month.

“To support customer security and compliance requirements, IT will have full control of who can use E2EE in the organization. A new policy will be added and it will have a parameter to enable E2EE for 1-1 calls. By default it is disabled, allowing admins to have full control of the roll-out of this feature in their organization.  E2EE can be enabled for the whole organization or just a subset of users.” Stated by Microsoft.

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