Your details are leaked via breach, now what to do. Check out our site for querying Domino’s leaked database.

You wake up in the morning, sipping a cup of tea and started checking the websites for latest Cyber security news. Suddenly you realize the website which you suppose to do shopping is compromised by hackers and all the the data is leaked in Dark web.


Data breach something like Domino’s hack can lead to your sensitive details becoming public or the hacker can even sell it for nominal cost at the Dark web.

Checkout this link for searching your data from Domino’s leaked database.

There has been numerous data breaches reported in India before domino’s like Big basket, Upstox, Air India(Click this link to see). But, despite of number of data breach incidents, there is no reduction in the trend.

” What to do if your details are leaked” .

The five golden rules to follow:

  1. Drop down your cup of tea, and change your passwords on every site which you login(Remember most of the people reuse the same password everywhere)
  2. Checkout the websites like and see if your details are available in leaked database.
  3. Enable 2FA( 2 factor authentication)for all the major services you use such as email accounts , banking accounts, and ecommerce sites. It will act has an additional layer of security.
  4. Sometimes breached data may have your financial details like credit / debit card details, if it has or you believe it might have leaked, reach out to your bank for new card.
  5. Monitor your financial statements every 10days to identify the fraudulent transactions.

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