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Malware attack on Alaska health department. Website is forced to be offline.

Website of Alaska health department is under malware attack. Website is forced to be offline.

The Alaska health department is under malware attack and forced to offline. on writing this news the website was made unavailable to the users.

It is not clear how the hackers had breached the network and the local authorities have launched an investigation to determine the hackers breached.

Investigators are trying to determine for the theft of confidential or personal information.

Joel Bolger, the Chief justice of the Alaska Supreme court stated “Someone outside the network on April 29 placed malware on the system, prompting the courts to disconnect online services on May 1, the statement said. The court system on Thursday began what it calls the “remediation phase of the recovery process,” which includes making sure there is no malware and that “sufficient security measures are in place moving forward,” Email service was restored Tuesday, which will allow for filing by email and distribution of notices or orders by electronic means, the statement says.”

However, the information related to Covid-19 and Vaccination are safe since it was from third part on the government site.


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