Flash news!! Air India servers got hacked. All the passengers details including credit card and passport details are leaked.

Air India- a well known airline has confirmed its servers are breached due to a cyber attack. The airline has released a statement that SITA PSS -the data processor on the passenger service system which handles transactions like storing and processing of customer’s personal information had been subjected to the attack.

Air India has confirmed that this incident has affected around 45,00,000 data subjects from different countries, However, the airline has informed that the credit cards CVC/CVV numbers are not stored on their servers.

The airline has requested their passengers to change their passwords associated with Air India site.

Apart from that, the airline has taken following steps to ensure the safety of their data.

• Investigating the data security incident;
• Securing the compromised servers;
• Engaging external specialists of data security incidents;
• Notifying and liaising with the credit card issuers;
• Resetting passwords of Air India FFP program.

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